4 Unlikely Things To Examine When Opening Your RV For Spring

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After a long winter, many RV owners go through a checklist of items to prepare it for camping season in the spring. Along with regular maintenance and RV repair, there are four things that you should inspect as you open the RV for spring. These things may not be the most obvious, but they can help prevent further damage down the line.

These simple inspections do not take too long to complete and can be done on all types of RVs. Consult with your local RV repair technician if you have questions about your specific model or repairs that are needed.

Tire Needs

It's important to check the tire pressure on your RV, but you can take things one step further to ensure full safety and preparation for when you're on the road.

  • Spare Tire Pressure: If your RV holds a spare tire, it should also be checked for proper air pressure and damage. Along with the tire itself, it's a good idea to check the valve for any rust or corrosion.
  • Air Pumps: If you store an air pump in your RV, it's important to check the tubes leading to the pump. Cold weather and moisture can cause damage to these pumps and cause them to malfunction. Replace the air pump as needed if damage occurs.
  • Roadside Emergency Service: If you are signed up with any company that offers roadside assistance, it's a good idea to ensure your membership is in good standing. This will help expedite the help if you get stranded with a flat or other tire problems.

Animal Dwellings

The RV that becomes your traveling home in the summer is also an ideal place for animals to live during the winter. Anything from mice, rats, and raccoons could be living in your RV. A careful examination will help eliminate these animals and keep your RV pest free.

  • Small Pests: For smaller pests, any pipes or engine blocks can easily make an ideal nesting spot. It's a good idea to take an air compressor and spray it through the muffler and under the hood of the RV. This will help draw out the pests. If the animals are caught in the engine, it can not only harm the critter, but cause major damage to your RV.
  • Large Pests: Examine the inside of the RV for signs of any large pests. The best way to find out if there are pests is to look for droppings around the RV. Check cabinets, small spaces, and underneath cushions of the RV. Follow various stool dropping guides to see what type of pests might be in the RV. Let the RV air out for a couple of days and consult with a pest control company to follow further steps.

Air Purifying

Locking up an RV for the whole winter causes a lot of dust and dirt to build up on the inside. When this occurs, you could be breathing in harmful bacteria and toxins. Your best bet is clear the RV out using multiple methods. One of the easiest methods is simply airing out the RV. This is a common practice where you open all the doors and windows to the vehicle.

Another way to ensure cleaner air is with an electronic device like an air purifier or a dehumidifier. The filters in the devices will help remove dust and particles in the RV. This will help create a clean feeling and make you feel better while you use the RV.

RV Accessories

As you pack up for your first trip in the spring, there are some items that you should inspect on the RV. These items are easy to forget about or take for granted, but become essential to your daily travels.

  • Toiletries: It's important to have a good stock full of back-up toiletries. This includes wet wipes, toothpaste, and soap. You should have both liquid and bar soap. Bar soap is easier to store and save during the winter months.
  • First Aid Kits: The start of the RV season is a good time to check the first aid kit. Ensure that there are plenty of adhesive bandages and ointment available for any accidents. It's also a good idea to stock the kit with bug spray.
  • Games: Get a fresh start on the card and board games you've got stored in the RV. Ditch any games with missing pieces and add a few new titles to the collection. It will give the whole family something new to play while out on adventures.

Opening the RV for spring is important, so take your time with each step and ensure that the whole vehicle is operating normally.


29 January 2015

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