3 Things You Shouldn't Overlook When Buying A Used Semi

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Used semi trucks provide an opportunity for small transportation companies to add affordable vehicles to their fleets. Investing in a used semi can be somewhat of a risk, and a thorough inspection is required to help minimize the risk of a breakdown or malfunction in the near future.

Most fleet managers know that they need to look at the engine and drivetrain of a used semi before making a purchase, but there are some other important components that might be overlooked during the inspection process.

1. Tire Condition

The tires can tell you a lot about the health of a used semi. You should check to see when the tires were replaced, and verify that all the tires are made by the same manufacturer. This information will give you insight into how important routine maintenance was to the semi's past owner.

Tire tread can also tell you quite a bit about the health of the vehicle's frame. Uneven tread wear could be an indication the truck has a serious alignment issue. Use tires as a way to help you gauge the condition of a used semi before you agree to make a purchase.

2. Lights

Many fleet managers don't take the time to check each light on a used semi before they buy the truck. Overlooking lighting could leave you with a truck that has serious electrical issues. You want to ensure that all exterior lights are in good condition and functioning properly. This will ensure that you can legally drive the used semi to your fleet lot.

Interior lights should also be checked out. If you can't get the dome light to work or the backlights on the dashboard aren't coming on, these could indicate problems with the electrical wiring in the semi.

Critical systems like your CB radio, the refrigerator on a reefer trailer, heating and air conditioning, and windshield wipers are all connected to a semi's electrical system. Issues with this system could cost you thousands in repair costs or lost product down the road.

3. Seals

You should always conduct a thorough inspection of the seals on a used semi truck before you make any buying decisions. Seals play an important role in helping to maintain the aerodynamic nature of a semi.

Damaged seals can create drag, which can reduce the fuel efficiency of the semi over time. Faulty door and window seals can also affect indoor temperatures and cause heating and cooling systems to become overloaded.

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25 June 2020

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