Purchasing Trucks For Your Start-Up NASCAR Team


Starting your own NASCAR team, even in the lower Camping World Truck tier, can be extremely expensive. One of your biggest expenses will be the heavy- and medium-duty trucks and trailers that you will need to haul your race and show cars in. To save money on the vehicles you will need, you should consider shopping at a used heavy- and medium-duty truck auction. You can often find a used truck at an auction for a fraction of what it would have cost you to purchase the same vehicle new.

21 January 2015

3 Ways You're Ruining Your Car's Windshield


Your car's windshield has provided you with crystal clear views of the road ahead of you for the past several years. However, you're now noticing several scratches and other signs of damage that affect your vision and your windshield's integrity—and you're not sure how they're getting there. If your windshield hasn't been hit by any airborne debris, then chances are you're damaging your windshield yourself—here's how: Using Worn Wiper Blades

14 January 2015