3 Crucial Reasons To Check A Car's VIN History Before Buying It

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Are you about to buy a used car? It's a big investment, but worth it if you need the transportation, especially if what you are currently using just isn't doing the trick for you anymore. Whether you want to get off of public transportation and have your own wheels, or just need a better, more reliable car to replace your old one, you're making a wise decision. Just be sure that wisdom also extends to the choice of car you buy. You don't want to bring home what you think is a super car only to find out too late that it's a lemon. That's why checking any car's VIN history is crucial before you buy it. Here are three top reasons why you absolutely must do this before buying a used car.

1. You Will Know If There Are Any Title Issues With the Car

According to DMV.org, a car's VIN history will show you whether there are any issues with the title Just like a house, cars have titles of ownership. In the course of a car being bought and sold many times, there could be title issues that call the real owner of the vehicle into question.

While most car dealers will be aware of any potential issues with a title and rectify them before putting the car for sale on their lot, this isn't always the case. You need to check the VIN history to be sure the car's title is clear, so you can be confident you are the rightful owner. You don't need any legal problems coming up with your ownership of the car.

It is especially important to do a VIN check with any car you are considering buying from a private person. They may be purposefully concealing the history of the car's title, or may not know. Either way, checking the VIN history ensures you've done your title homework.

2. You Can Find Out if the Car Has Been in Any Accidents

Some accidents cause minor damage and the car is fine to drive later. Other accidents may cause lasting damage to the car and make it unsafe to drive. Many sellers do not want to disclose this information  because they don't want to lose the sale. However, it is important for you to know in order to make an informed buying decision.

If the car has a serious accident history behind it that causes you to wonder how well the repairs were performed and if the car is safe to drive, you may want to look elsewhere for your vehicle. Insist that your dealer run a free VIN history report for you before you agree to buy anything, or run one yourself online for a fee if you are working with a private seller.

3. The VIN History Will Tell You If You're Getting the Car You Think You're Getting

Sometimes, cars are advertised as different makes and models than what they actually are. This is usually because so many parts have been replaced that the seller no longer recognizes the original type of car they are selling. The VIN history will tell you the truth.

If any additions have been made to the car that are not listed in the sales description, the VIN will reveal this, as well. This information will let you know what things came standard with the car, and which were added later by other owners.


The VIN history report is a very important part of buying a used car. In fact, getting the report can be considered the hallmark of a responsible car buyer. Don't give anyone any money for a used car until you see and read the VIN history. It may change your mind on the car, or give you the assurance you need that you are buying the perfect car for you.


26 February 2015

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